Blu-Ray & DVD

Producing a title on Blu-Ray or DVD can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

We are here to walk you through it.

On each stage of production: development & encoding, design & authoring, and replication, our experts carefully analyze your project’s requirements and offer you solutions designed to meet industry quality standards as well as budget constraints of your project.

Development & Encoding

One of the most important things in producing a title to Blu-Ray or DVD is material itself.  We are here to assist you in best preparing the material for the authoring process.

Consulting is also provided in producing or preparing bonus material for the disc, HD upconversion of material for the case you intend to produce on Blu-Ray, color correction, transcoding from one format to another, as well as final professional encoding.

At GFM Studio you have the ability to transcribe your material and offer optional subtitles in many languages, including RTL and complex scripts.

We also give you the chance to include multiple optional sound tracks, offering multiple audio languages or additional informational audio tracks.

Design & Authoring

Menu and Cover Design is another important step in producing appealing discs.

Our designers and authoring experts will help you create the best suitable multimedia concept for interactive menus as well suitable design for disc cover.

We support complex interactive menus, multiple camera angles, variety of copy protection and limitation features (RCE, Region Code restriction, copy protection, etc.).

Regardless of the service level you choose, you’ll get high quality, professional state of the art menu design, development, navigation as well as high quality encoding of menu structure.

Blu-Ray Live (Profile 2.0) Support — The future standard

We are actively working on providing full BD-Live (Profile 2.0) support.

BD-Live is a newly developed profile enabling viewers to access content via internet connection of Blu-Ray player.  BD-Live allows download of additional material, as well as offers exciting new generation possibilities like peer to peer interactions between viewers, participation in exclusive live events, gaming activities and much more.


Once the master is ready, it can be sent to a plant for replication.

The method gives the best playback compatibility across computers and set top Blu-Ray and DVD players. We log and track masters and copies through each stage of the production process.

With wide knowledge of the various software packaging and presentation methods, your product will be ready for local and international distribution.