Music videos and commercials

The efficiency of TV advertising is determined by two factors: complex impact (visual and sound) and the possibility to fully reach the audience. Choosing the right time slot allows the advertiser to best reach its designed target group. Well planned campaign can have an impact in a very short time. We will be happy to assist with planning your most effective TV campaign strategy and phasing and ensure placement on variety of networks and platforms.

Positive media coverage

Positive media coverage is a powerful marketing tool because it positions you or your business in a favourable light by projecting the credibility, expertise, passion, and image you want to convey. Best of all, it comes from an independent source and the only cost is the time it takes to organise.

Securing positive media coverage is an excellent way to establish credibility. A piece in which you are positioned as a key opinion leader on a relevant issue can ultimately turn your potential customers and stakeholders into advocates of your cause, whatever it may be.

Music Videos

We can help take your career to the next level by creating a cinematic visual experience that will give your music the exposure and recognition needed to be successful in today’s highly competitive music industry.

We have in-house video and music production capacity. From creative concept and pre-production to shooting and post-production we can support any video production project independently of its size and budget.

Our team includes motion graphics, color grading, aerial/drone shooting and music production specialists.  We also work directly with top talent, composers, thought leaders and celebrities from our network.

Social Impact Videos

A video well-done has the ability to engage viewers’ emotions, inspire conversations about your organization, and most importantly, spark action. Raise awareness, attract volunteers and strengthen your donor base through the power of video.

We have  worked with nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses and changemakers for over a decade to tell their stories through video. Our clients have come back to us again and again because the investment is worth it.