Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a 35mm digital film alternative. The DCP’s support and demand for the past years has been significantly increased in theaters and film festivals around the world, virtually replacing the 35mm film projection with digital projection systems.

DCP has several advantages over the traditional film workflow:

  • It is a standardized format (created by a consortium of the six major film studios), ensuring compatibility and interoperability worldwide.
  • DCP production is often 80% -90% cheaper than 35mm film printing. It is also cheaper to produce additional copies.
  • Enables the flexibility of DCP subtitles. In the case of the film subtitling has proven to be challenging and often the film subtitles would need to be burnt in or projected using separate subtitling system. DCP resolves this issue easily.
  • Unlike the film DCP does not lose the quality during copying.
  • DCP allows encryption,resulting in protected content restricted to be playable only on particular projector for a specific period of time.
  • DCP supports 3D movies.

GFM Studio offers a variety of services for DCP production.

  • We produce standard-compliant DCP from any common format HD, 2K, 4K and 3D material.
  • It is also possible to re-pack existing DCP packages with relevant changes (eg adding subtitles, replacement of sound track, etc.)
  • Encryption of the DCP package, restricting playback on specific projectors for set period of time.
  • Support for quality control and data protection standards.
  • Prepared digital package can be stored on a protected hard drive or encrypted on a secure server, delivered via industry standard fast and secure data transmission technologies.

Please note that GFM Studio is committed to protecting the fundamental rights of creators is involved in the GFM Filmbridge Copyright Initiative. Before each DCP project we require relevant license issued by the copyright owner. The procedure is designed to protect your audio-visual work.