Dubbing is film localization method popular in some Western European countries. The dialogue is spotted, translated, edited and then the hired native-speaker actors with similar voices to the original speak the dialog, lip-syncing with the original.

Additional sound remastering is usually needed to preserve the original sounds and music of the film.

This method is much more expensive and resource-intensive compared to any subtitling method and removed the original voices of actors completely, replacing it with voices of actors in target language.

Most countries prefer subtitling over dubbing, though dubbing is popular almost everywhere when translating children’s or animation titles.

GFM Studio has provided dubbing for all kinds of productions. Select list:

  • On the Pursuit of the Loot (doc. 65 min, by Rezo Tabukashvili)
  • The Silence of the Bees (doc. 54 min. US Nature), Taplikatsi LLC
  • The Soviet Story (doc. 86 min. US) Ministry of Education of Georgia
  • Bristol Bike Proejct (doc. 35 min. US) PIN Project
  • Bridge on Vadi (doc. 55 min. Israel) PIN Project
  • Burma Wi-Gi” (doc. 84 min. Denmark) PIN Project
  • Bedford Street Collector (doc. 36 min. US) PIN Project
  • Liberian Iron Ladies (doc. 60 min. Canada) PIN Project
  • Only Because I Loved You (doc. 28 min. Czechia) PIN Project
  • Leningradsky Station Kids (doc. 35 min. პოლონეთი) PIN Project
  • Belorussian Lessons (doc. 26 min. პოლონეთი) PIN Project
  • Santa’s Workshop (doc. 32 min. Sweden) PIN Project
  • Happy Enemies (doc. 58 min. Denmark) PIN Project
  • Giraffe in Rain (animation, 12 min. France.) PIN Project
  • The Man Who Planted Trees (doc. 30 min. Canada) PIN Project
  • Flying Anna (doc. 21 min. The Netherlands ) PIN Project
  • Martini Ghost (doc. 28 min. Norway) PIN Project
  • Children’s Rights (doc. სერია 18 min. The Netherlands) PIN Project
  • Skatestan (doc. 9 min. UK) PIN Project
  • Over 40 educational productions, commissioned by Microsoft
  • Advice for Nut Growing and Support for Wine, Soul and Education, commissioned by the USAID
  • Numerous commercials, public service/social videos, etc.